There are many benefits to membership with the Tacoma Artists Collective. We cultivate an environment that is conducive to collaborative creativity and foster a sense of community where artists are able to express themselves and share with one and other. By becoming a member of the Tacoma Artists Collective, you will experience the different types of benefits in many ways:


Free classes

Reduced submission fees

First access to showing opportunities

Connections to local gallery spaces

Access to planning meetings 



Artistic growth and support

Peer critique


Be a part of a growing artistic community

Hands on art community involvement

Communal Art-Creation Opportunities

Respectful environment


To accommodate our diverse members we provide three different payment options:


Monthly Membership

$5 / month

A General, Monthly Membership is a great choice for individuals who are interested in our cause and want to try out the member benefits without committing to yearly payments. This low cost option could work well for students and new members!


Yearly Membership

$50 / year

An Active, Yearly Membership is a wonderful way for individuals who are familiar with our cause to support us in long term. This option could be utilized by frequent volunteers and those who participate in TAC's bi-monthly planning meetings!


Lifetime Membership


A Premium, Lifetime Membership is an excellent way to show how truly passionate you are about supporting TAC and it's efforts. This membership will ensure that you never have to pay monthly or annual dues again!

Each membership description is intended  only as a suggestion for your benefit, and does not explicitly define your level of involvement in the Tacoma Artists Collective.  Please choose whichever level suits you and your lifestyle best.

To become a member, simply fill out the Membership Application Form below and choose from one of our payment options! 

Membership Application Form


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