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The Tacoma Artist Collective (TAC) is dedicated to bringing artists together to enhance and enrich their creative endeavors. When we began in 2016 we focused on providing opportunities for artists to exhibit their work. To this day we diligently look for ways to help artists find gallery space with the goal of helping them gain artistic exposure and to give them the opportunity to market their work to the public. To accomplish this, we host annual events such as The Artist's Gathering, Nocturnal, and 100th Monkey as well as participate in community sponsored, public events such as Art on the Ave and Music & HeArt in Wright Park.


Currently, we are working to provide ways for artists to work together, share knowledge, and help each other grow professionally.  The focus for TAC is on building a community of artists who mentor each other and provide peer support and critique. This is accomplished through Mingle Mixers where we meet and socialize in an accessible environment, and Artogether’s where we create art, exploring different media and subjects in a relaxed setting. 

In the near future TAC plans to offer seminars on topics that will help artists grow professionally including gallery presentation, Facebook and Instagram “How-to’s”, marketing, branding, web design and more! We also hope to host rotating art classes to help enrich and strengthen your artistic skills. In the coming year we are looking forward to having a physical location to accommodate our goals. When this dream is realized we will have a location in Tacoma that will serve as an artistic hub, providing affordable gallery space, collaborative studio space and a place for artists to feel creative, supported and inspired.


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The Tacoma Artists Collective leadership is an elected group whose determination and drive help to guide TAC towards its greatest potential. These individuals have committed themselves to supporting the artist community, and are incredibly passionate about their roles within the Collective. 

With the support of our dedicated members they collaborate to make informed decisions about how to advance the art community within Tacoma. These leaders do their best to ensure that all decisions, events, and communication have the artists' best interests in mind. 


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